Many companies are not always prepared to deal with disruptive change even with all the adequate resources and capable employees. The culture, process and value within in the organisation have an influence on how to work efficiently and guidelines which they have to follow in order to accomplish their objectives. Unfortunately, this mindset and corporate expectations dictate how employees should act and behave within the organisation potentially affecting the true capabilities of individuals and overall business opportunities. Often this structure limits individual potential and ability to adjust and implement change as a company when a disruptive change occurs within their operating market.

Even having the technology, resources and brand name, without the flexibility to change its processes and corporate values of the business it could face failure and lose out to competitors. It is natural to resist change and stay within the comfort zone, however, disruptive change can happen at any time and even successful process and values developed over time cannot sustain without contentious innovation and structure to cope with change. I believe that rather than waiting for disruptive change to occur, it is more constructive to be proactive and exercise contentious development so that the company is in a better position to adapt and change accordingly.

Even with best preparations when disruptive change arises, it is important for an organisation to understand their capabilities of what they can realistically achieve or not. This will allow decision makers to identify alternative solutions that can be utilised to adjust and deal with disruptive innovation.

This desire to innovate should be embedded within the company culture and understanding of the problem or challenge become an essential part of finding a solution and acquire capabilities to manage disruptive change that company may face on regular basis. However, before applying any drastic internal adjustments, it is essential to understand the delicate balance between maintaining current competencies and degree of transformation to incorporate without affecting its core business.

To find out more about disruption strategy and how it may help you defend your business, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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